Interview Eric Romero

Matthew Toffolo interviews Eric Romero (Native Immigration)

Matthew Toffolo: What motivated you to make this film?

Eric Romero: I’m an immigrant living in UK myself and it’s an universal topic. I’ve always felt very welcome in Scotland (which is an amazing place, it’s probably the Canada of Europe…) but you could see all that was going on on TV with more right wing parties growing in numbers and I thought it was a good moment to ridiculize all the concept of immigration. Because, after all, what makes somebody an immigrant? That sounds like a simple question, but if one thinks about it it’s a quite complex topic. I really wanted to make fun of cliches and try to show how silly they are through the characters in the show, people who suddenly discover that they are immigrants and, just because that, they feel like they have to become a different person. I also tried to go as over the top as I was able to go, because reality is so crazy that some things that look like mockumentaries… they are not. Look at Trump if you don’t believe me.



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