Native Immigration Semi-Finalist

We have been quite busy lately finishing our new short film, so we have a few new news…

We are glad to give three good news relating with our short film Native Immigration.

The first one is that it has been awarded with the Best Short Film under 10.000 pounds by the Cinema City Film Festival (Serbia).

I was waiting to post about that because I was waiting for the festival to send me the physical trophy, but seems that this is going to take longer than I expected to… so… there’s a picture of the trophies for the moment 🙂


The second one is that it’s been declared Semi-Finalist by the El Cojo Film El Ojo Cojo International Film Fest (Madrid)


Third new is that it’s also been selected by the Afro Film Fetival “Ananse” (Colombia), which aims to make visible the cultural and social aspects about the black population. Working as part of a circuit that allows alternative movement be made known to new filmmakers to make videos about the Afro-descendants in the entire world.

No, I don’t know how did we manage to get in that festival, but I’m glad they have such a sense of humor.



And finally, the short film was also selected by the IndiWise Virtual Festival, which as its name says, is an online festival 🙂

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