Jo Hill – In Silence

Jo Hill was born in Barcelona, Catalonia on October 13th, 1989 to Joangil and Montse. Jo’s dad, works as a filmmaker and TV producer for different organizations and her mom is also a successful entrepreneur. Jo has two younger sisters, Mar and Júlia.

Jo has been studying film directing at ESCAC and Edinburgh University.

Her musical career began after her grandpa took her to sing to ‘El palau de la música catalana’ when she was four, where she sang in the choir and took classical piano training and harmony. There, she sang with the most important orchestras and conductors of the world some of the best classics ever written. She stayed in the choir until her 20’s.

At the same time she started working on TV Jingles and making her first compositions. Her first song with lyrics was Maybe Tomorrow, which became the soundtrack of Morocco’s road safety campaign 2008 and she’s been writing nonstop until now.

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